Zventa Sventana – A NA GORE MAK


Producer Roman Cholodenko
Starring Varvara Shmykova, Tina Kuznetsova
Producers Tasha Deeva, Philip Nesterov
DOP Anton Petrov
Choreographer Nikita Orlov
Dancers Nikita Orlov, Evgenia Beglyakova, Nastya Peshkova, Alexey Savchenko
Costume designers Anna Guseva
Stylists Lorena Kasparova, Olesya Borovik
Costume assistants Katya Marchenko, Ilya Bricheev
Dresser Наталья Natalia Ovsyannikova
clothing @dokuchaeva_moscow @varvarazenina @atelier_khan @what__about_us @whoiam_shop
brands @gucci @nastia_pilepchuk @boho_deco @mineralweather
Makeup artist Dasha Kholodnykh
Makeup Artist Assistants Nastya Alexandrenko, Nastya Gura
Hair artist Alexey Gorbatyuk
Hair Artist Assistants Bogdan Polkovnichenko, Anatoly Petrovsky
Art director | Graphics Roman Cholodenko
Keing Matt Cooper, Alexandra Salmina, Amadeus Solmi, Roman Malyakov
Installation Kirill Khandurin
Colorist Kolya Vavilov
Art photographer Bulat Arslanov
Administration Alexander Lyubenko, Stepan Lapin
Producer assistants Indigo - Anna Yarina, Sasha Bogatyreva, Dasha Oleinikova, Katya Tseluiko
Gafer Oleg Namakonov
Lighting fixtures Pavel Radchenko, Innokenty Levchenko, Maxim Pochechuev
Camera Maxim Hasanov
Backstage photographer Natasha Shavshina
Backstage operator Romas Butkus, Vitalia Lukanina

Cyber-folk style work. Varvara Shmykova as Vasilisa the Beautiful finds herself in a world where Russian folklore is intertwined with digital reality and contemporary art. Driven by the hypnotic pulse of the song, she dances through a pagan ritual. The heroine eats a scarlet flower and meets chthonic forces in the person of Tina Kuznetsova.

Before the official premiere, the video managed to receive 2 awards at the New York Onrios Film Awards in the nominations “Best Art Director” and “Best Song”. Also, the video was included in a special selection, Silver Selection, Berlin Music Video Awards.

Tina Kuznetsova: “In terms of sound, this is an absolutely electronic track. However, it is almost entirely based on my vocals. Everything except bass, violin and drum machine is voice processing. To preserve the original musical mood, Yura used endless reverb, and all the notes I sang merged into a single chorus. It is he who sounds throughout the song. The hook-tune on the violin was performed by my niece Agnia, a freshman at the Conservatory. ”

Zventa Sventana is an independent folktronic project by Tina Kuznetsova and Yuri Usachev (founder of the “Guests from the Future” group). The team reinterprets folklore, weaving folk songs with dance electronics and indie pop