Cafe NoStress

TV series brand. Trailer

Director Anton Sukharev
Producer Philip Nesterov
Executive Producer Anastasia Soloveva
Creative Producer Kirill Drenyasov
DOP Kirill Archarov
Production designer Svetlana Korbakova
Scenario Kirill Archarov

The action of the series takes place today, the heroes live on the same street. Chance brings them together at NoStress, where they must learn to cope with life’s difficulties. The owner of the cafe, Sandr, is an eccentric eccentric. The self-appointed guru and expert on all visible and invisible practices in the world, gathers under one roof three old friends, completely different in character and vocation. Housewife Anya, neurotic, often hot-tempered, absorbed in household chores and relationships with her workaholic husband.

The good-natured beauty Zhanna, striving for an easy and beautiful life, accustomed to living at the expense of men, did not work a day in her life. Careerist Lena, strict with herself and those around her, goes in for sports, because she is afraid of getting fat like a mother, and she can also drink any man in the office on a bet. Sandre tries to help everyone using different techniques, from yoga and meditation to shamanic rituals, but the results are often at odds with expectations, and everything does not go according to plan.