CHOZA - Interactive spin-off of the series "Call Center"

Actors Dasha - Mila Ershova, Vitalik - Yaroslav Efremenko, Homeless - Igor Larchin, Vitalik's mother - Elena Solovieva
Writer / Creative Producer Maxim Vakhitov
Producer Karina Bucilina
Director Philip Whitelake
DOP Artyom Zelyukov
1st AD Anna Proshutinskaya, Lina Alexandrova
Set design Mikhail Khlechyan
Casting Christina Borisova
Actor Assistant Margarita Blazhko
Costume Alice Gavura
Edit Sergey Filippov
Sound Denis Zakarais
Best boy Egor Nagishkin
Production director Pyotr Gagarin

CHOZA’s Call Center project is an interactive psychological thriller and spin-off of the series in the format of web calls, in which the viewer follows the development of the plot in real time and gets the opportunity to feel in the place of the main characters.