IVI series

Director Lada Iskanderova
Producer Philip Nesterov
Executive Producers Anastasia Soloveva, Karina Bucilina, Polina Shehirina
Creative Producers Kirill Drenyasov, Mariia Russkova
DOP Olga Pankova
Art Directors Olga Zelenova, Ekaterina Sergeeva, Asya Poroh
Script Elena Fonrovich

The plot tells the story of an ordinary high school student, Sasha, who found herself drawn into a dangerous situation around the scandalous Nemo Media. For Sasha, the Internet is a native element and a place of power, while offline life is not particularly pleasing. Parents are divorced, dad is an unlucky startup, and mom is in search of a “prince.” The best friend lives like in chocolate, without knowing the problems. And Sasha has no boyfriend yet. But on the network, under a username, she can influence something, she knows how to use the power of likes and memes. During the day, Sasha is a high school student, and at night – an avenger wearing a snapchat mask.

Today you no longer understand where it is more dangerous – in reality or on the Internet, where one repost, meme or screenshot can destroy life, where flash mobs become a force of public pressure, and it is almost impossible to maintain anonymity. Sasha will have to sort out his two worlds, where small personal problems and big public scandals, friendship, love and fakes, hackers and bots, powerful enemies and huge money are mixed.