horror brand

Director Kairzhan Orynbekov
Producer Philipp Nesterov
Line Producer Anastasia Soloveva
Production Assistants Anna Hudyakova, Anna Yarina
Creative Producer Philip Nesterov, Kirill Drenyasov
DOP Fedor Struchev
1st AD Natalia Akopova

The Ghosts of the Center virtual short film was intended to dramatically increase the visibility of the INGRAD brand. The plot of the short film conveys the main message of the advertising campaign “Center is where I am”. In the story, a young couple moves into a dilapidated old house in the historic center. In the “accursed” apartment they are haunted by the ghosts of the former tenants-revolutionaries. In the end, the couple escapes in panic from the cursed house and finds their happiness in a cozy comfortable apartment in a new building from INGRAD. The message is clearly read – the quality of life in the INGRAD residential area anywhere in Moscow and the region is higher than in dilapidated housing, albeit located in the very center.

The main role in the film was played by a popular film and TV actress – Lukerya Ilyashenko. A couple of her was a promising actor Ivan Zhidkov.

Results: 2 932 099 views on Youtube. Viral views – 564,777. Coverage – 26,570,800. 3100 likes vs. 989 dislikes. 354 comments.

As part of the campaign, the Brand Lift Survey was conducted – using an automated Google Ads tool to assess the impact of online video advertising on changing brand metrics.

Study period: 10/30/2018 – 11/15/2018.

According to the research results: brand awareness growth was 12.4%; the increase in brand advertising memorability was 30.6%.